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CRI Programs: Creating Better Products, Homes, and Buildings The Carpet and Rug Institute is dedicated to providing the best information on carpet and how it can improve homes, offices, and commercial spaces. Our programs allow consumers to have the best carpet experience by picking the right products for their floor and picking the best products to maintain it. Green Label Plus Green Label Plus, an ANAB-accredited program, certifies carpet and carpet products as low-VOC emitting products. Recog [...]

Vacuuming Carpet at Home

The Best Carpet Cleaning Practices for Your Home Carpet cleaning is the simplest way to maintain the appearance and life of carpet in your home. We've got some simple steps you can take to keep carpet looking great and lasting. Vacuuming, spot removal, and professional cleaning will enhance your carpet experience for the life of your carpet.

Kids playing on carpet during the holidays

How to Decorate for Christmas Using Non-Traditional Colors and Carpet This post is part of the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Beauty of Carpet campaign. Read the full post at Modern Day Moguls. Modern Day Moguls outlines how carpet is the perfect base for designing around the holidays! Cozy– Carpet was such an easy choice in this room because I knew it would be a central working/collaboration spot for our family. Seeing that carpet is soft, warm and cozy underfoot it  makes hanging out in here so ea [...]

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CRI Spot Solver: Remove Stains Quickly and Simply CRI is all about providing the best information on all things carpet to make is a benefit for your home or facility. The CRI Spot Solver is a free web tool with the information to help you get that pesky spot or stain out of your carpet. Carpet cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining the appearance and longevity of carpet in your home or facility. Vacuuming and deep cleaning are the biggest aspects of carpet cleaning, but removing spots and s [...]

The Basics of Carpet Cleaning: Create a Vacuum Schedule Carpet's benefits are numerous for both homes and facilities. However, it's imperative to properly maintain carpet to get the most out of these benefits. Removing soil when it’s on the surface before it gets ingrained in the carpet fiber, is the first and most important step in carpet maintenance. Use slow, repetitive motions that overlap (about four swipes), ensuring you get right up to the edges where dust, pollen, and pet dander like to [...]

Life is better in socks

Choosing the Right Carpet and Rugs for Your Living Space This post was a part of CRI's Beauty of Carpet campaign in November 2016. Read the full post from Modern Day Moms. Believe it or not, carpet and rugs can act as a filter, trapping allergens and keeping them out of the air we breathe. Allergens that rest on top of hard surface flooring can easily be disturbed by every day activity such as walking, moving a chair or bouncing a ball. This is very very important for young children, who have br [...]

Seal of Approval Program

Why are Seal of Approval Products Right for Your Home? A Guide To CRI’s Seal of Approval Program What’s the Carpet and Rug Institute? Headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) is the national trade association representing carpet and rug manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and services to the industry.  CRI members account for more the majority of all carpet produced in the United States. CRI is the leading source for science-based information on carpet. Its m [...]

Dorm Room College

Better Education Starts with Healthier Students To learn the most, students need to be at their best. Research has shown that carpet in educational institutions can reduce asthma and allergy symptoms of their students and staff. So, not only is your educational facility a great place to learn, it also becomes a better place to breathe. What You Should Know There is no scientific study linking the rise of allergy and asthma to the use of carpet. Indeed, several studies actually disprove any corre [...]

Family Reading on Shag Carpet

A Lesson on Carpet and Fresh Air It’s a simple idea: Take care of your carpet and it will take care of you. Not only does it look great and offer health and safety benefits, properly maintained carpet offers a host of savings opportunities. Research proves that over time, no other flooring option offers you as much chance to clean up. What You Should Know Carpet is cost effective. In fact, it can be 65 percent less expensive to maintain than hard surface flooring. While buying and installing har [...]