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CRI Programs: Creating Better Products, Homes, and Buildings

CRI Programs: Creating Better Products, Homes, and Buildings

The Carpet and Rug Institute is dedicated to providing the best information on carpet and how it can improve homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

Our programs allow consumers to have the best carpet experience by picking the right products for their floor and picking the best products to maintain it.

Green Label Plus

Green Label Plus, an ANAB-accredited program, certifies carpet and carpet products as low-VOC emitting products. Recognized by organizations like USGBC, EPA, UL, and WELL, GLP continues to set the bar as one of the best indoor air quality testing programs today.

NSF/ANSI 140 Sustainability Assessment for Carpet

NSF 140 provides the information architects, designers, and other building professionals need to procure the environmentally-friendly products they need for projects. The assessment recognizes sustainable carpet products on a rating system of silver, gold, and platinum.

Seal of Approval

The Seal of Approval program identifies the best carpet cleaning products and equipment available for consumers to keep carpet looking great and lasting for its intended life. By using SOA-certified products, consumers maintain the appearance of carpet and keep warranties intact.

Through our programs, Green Label Plus, NSF 140, and Seal of Approval, the Carpet and Rug Institute is working towards designing better products for consumers, creating better buildings for work, and making better homes for families.