Continuing Education

Continuing Your Education, Your Way.

The Carpet and Rug Institute has a comprehensive library of continuing education courses available to our members and to building and design industry professionals. We have several ways to access these valuable resources, so you can choose the one that works for you.

This course covers carpet manufacturing processes, construction methods, tufted industry product types, tufting process elements, and commercial face weights

This course on fibers and yarns is one of the six-presentation series on carpet manufacturing. The other classes cover other aspects of carpet manufacturing. Carpet Construction, Dye Methods, Carpet Specification, Carpet Testing Methods, and Backing and Finishing

This course covers types of dye methods, the process and machines used for each method, and characteristics of each dye method.

This course allows question and answer interaction with the instructor as the audience learns detailed, technical information on carpet testing requirements and methods. This course also introduces the Green Label Plus test methods—that meet the California 1350 Collaborative of High Performance Schools (CHPS) standards—and covers a long list of other carpet test methods, including those that meet American Society of Test Materials (ASTM) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

This course covers the benefits of backing carpet, the backings process, identifies the main types of backing systems and identified the technical features of carpet treatments.

This course covers construction and performance specifications; elements of both types of specifications; how ”tight“ specifications should be; and how to specify for performance, indoor air quality, installation, maintenance, and environmental issues.

This one hour course provides the participant will be able to evaluate how Students and teachers feel about carpet; show how carpet helped improve Student achievement; list some physical and non-physical benefits of carpeting For classrooms; offer ways to improve acoustics in schools; list ways that Carpet contributes to good indoor air quality; and, describe why carpet Is a good flooring choice for schools. This course has been approved for HSW CEU credits and by the AIA for HSW SD LU credits.

This one hour course provides the participant will be able to identify the main healthcare segments, explain how changing demographics affect today’s healthcare industry choices, describe how carpet provides benefits in safety, ergonomics, roller mobility, infection and moisture control, acoustics, IAQ and maintenance savings, explain how the ‘green’ movement affects the healthcare industry, and identify how carpet maintenance can help keep a healing environment healthy. This course has been approved by the IDCEC for HS CEU credits and by the AIA for LU credits.

This course explores the ways in which carpet enhances the warmth and character of facilities designed for senior living and the unique carpeting demands of senior environments in terms of carpet selection. Special attention is paid to the physical realities of aging and dementia, as these play key roles in senior safety, mobility and comfort. This course has been approved by the IDCEC for 0.1 CEU HS CEU credits and by the AIA for HSW SD 1.0 LU credits.

This course is one of a series of CEU courses about the benefits of carpet in various commercial end use segments. When completing this course an individual will be able to discuss hospitality needs and requirements, discuss elements of the selection process, state the importance of technical requirements in performance, installation and maintenance and discuss sustainable carpet in hospitality.

This one-hour course assists participants in understanding some of the key sustainability issues faced by the carpet industry and how the industry is responding. In addition, participants will be able to define sustainability, state ways that the carpet industry has embraced sustainable practices, and explain how the carpet industry is a leader in sustainability. This course has been approved for HSW CEU credits, by the AIA for HSW SD LU credits, and GBCI CE Hours 1.

This one-hour course will focus on NSF/ANSI 140: Sustainability – what it is and why it is important. By the end of the course, participants will know the benefits of environmental standards, know the five functional areas essential for producing sustainability carpet, be able to identify the elements of the new NSF 140 and use NSF/ANSI 140 effectively to specify carpet. This course has been approved for HSW IDCEC CEU credits, by the AIA for LU/HSW/SD credits and GBCI CE Hours 1.

This course provides the participant to be able to understand the innovations in the carpet industry’s recycling efforts. It will address sustainability and the key drivers of carpet recycling. This course has been approved for HSW CEU credits, by the AIA for HSW SD LU credits, and GBCI CE Hours 1.

Contact a CRI CEU Administrator

The following CRI member company representatives serve as CRI CEU administrators and can provide more information about when instructors will be offering these courses. Please click on one of the names below to contact any of these individuals via e-mail. Or, you may contact CRI at 706-428-2123.