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Reasons We Love Carpet in the Holidays

Reasons We Love Carpet in the Holidays

How to Decorate for Christmas Using Non-Traditional Colors and Carpet

This post is part of the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Beauty of Carpet campaign. Read the full post at Modern Day Moguls.

Modern Day Moguls outlines how carpet is the perfect base for designing around the holidays!

Cozy– Carpet was such an easy choice in this room because I knew it would be a central working/collaboration spot for our family. Seeing that carpet is soft, warm and cozy underfoot it  makes hanging out in here so easy. Warm and cozy is important during these cooler months. Most of the time when I am working, the girls are laying on the floor working or color and the dog is right next to them.

Noise reduction – Carpet helps reduce the pitter patter of little feet making it easier to work in here. 

Healthy living – by improving indoor air quality, carpet supports healthier spaces for living for everyone – including people with asthma and allergies.

Easy maintenance –  I did go with a pretty bright white carpet color so that I could layer my vintage turkish rugs on top to provide a pop of color. This is very important when you like to change up decor as often as I do. A lot of people thought I was crazy for going so light with kids and a dog. But maintaining and cleaning your carpet is easy. We don’t do shoes in the house so that def helps. Also the CRI recommends regularly vacuuming your carpet, spot cleaning when necessary, and having your carpets professionally cleaned once a year.