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CRI Programs: Creating Better Products, Homes, and Buildings The Carpet and Rug Institute is dedicated to providing the best information on carpet and how it can improve homes, offices, and commercial spaces. Our programs allow consumers to have the best carpet experience by picking the right products for their floor and picking the best products to maintain it. Green Label Plus Green Label Plus, an ANAB-accredited program, certifies carpet and carpet products as low-VOC emitting products. Recog [...]

Carpet for Bedrooms: Why We Chose Carpet for Our Girls' Room This post is part of the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Beauty of Carpet campaign. Read the full post at House of Hood! Enter the #BeautyofCarpet sweepstakes here. Carpet is a great choice for any room in your house, but I wanted to specifically share why we chose it for our girls' bedrooms. Our girls are still little. They are 4 and 6, and are constantly playing with their dolls. They primarily play in their playroom and in their bed [...]

Global Sustainability in the Carpet Industry

NSF 140 Continues Carpet Industry Commitment to Sustainability Sustainability and environmental efforts continue to grow in importance for many industries. Creating products that are green or sustainable is an ongoing challenge for businesses in these industries. The carpet industry is one such industry that is taking the lead with standards on sustainable platforms. This past summer, stakeholders from the carpet industry, associated industries, and other fields gathered to update NSF/ANSI 140 S [...]


Carpet Comes with Responsibility Built In Carpet is designed to look great and last for years. The carpet industry is also designing ways to reduce its carbon footprint. Manufacturers voluntarily address this problem by recycling old carpet materials into new carpet production or alternative uses such as building materials, auto parts, and carpet tile. Because less waste means a better future for us all. What You Should Know • Through the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), carpet companies a [...]

A Great Investment for the Future The carpet industry is not only designing a way to make carpet last longer, it’s also designing ways to reduce the environmental footprint. Manufacturers are voluntarily addressing this problem by recycling old carpet materials into new carpet production or alternative uses, as well as refurbishing old carpet into new carpet tiles. Because less waste means a better future for us all. What You Should Know Through the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), carpet [...]

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6 Reasons to Choose Carpet for Your Next Remodel Project Spring can be a great time to remodel your home and if you want to give your interior space a facelift, carpet can be a great addition to any home. If you’re considering remodeling your home, there are a number of decisions you need to make in regards to budget, style, design, but one easy decision is to include carpet as the flooring option for your home. Whether you’re redesigning a recently purchased home or the home you’ve owned for ma [...]

Nylla: Recycling in Virtual Reality Not that long ago, the CRI Blog featured a post about the mobile game Angry Janitors, which is based on the importance of clean facilities. We at CRI were big fans of the game because of how much fun it was and because of the emphasis it put on carpet cleaning. Now, there is a game on another important issue: nylon recycling. The game, Nylla, puts you in the role of the sea turtle Nylla who goes around the world recycling nylon in the form of fishing nets and [...]

GreenStep Awards Honor CRI Member Manufacturers The 6th Annual GreenStep Awards honored the best in sustainability work from around the carpet industry on August 5, 2014. CRI member companies Engineered Floors, J+J Industries, Mannington Commercial, Mohawk Industries and Shaw Industries were all recognized for their dedication to the environment and sustainability at the awards presentation. Floor Covering Weekly hosts the annual awards event which was founded in 2008 as a way to recognize susta [...]

Sustainable Carpet: Manufacturers Millions of people go in and out of schools, hospitals, retail establishments and office buildings every single day, not realizing how environmentally-sustainable the floors they walk on have become. There’s little doubt these days that being green is increasingly expected. Businesses and consumers alike want to be good stewards of the environment, to conserve natural resources, to create more healthy indoor environments and to benefit from products that are mad [...]