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The Importance of Carpet Cushion You are getting new carpet installed and you've done your research online, talked to your friends who have recently bought carpet, shopped and selected. Your new carpet is going to look great and there’s nothing left to do but wait for the installers, right? Actually, there’s something else we at the Carpet and Rug Institute would like you to consider; the cushion. Carpet cushion – also called padding or underlayment. The stuff you see on the day of installation [...]

The Benefits of Carpet for Seniors A story I read recently in a building trade magazine that said hardwood was the best flooring choice for senior living facilities. The authors reasoned that hardwood was easier to clean and had fewer “allergenic effects”, but even if these two points were true, their supposed benefits would still be outstripped by the benefits carpet offers seniors. There’s plenty of information on the benefits of carpet for seniors (and everyone else) here on the CRI website, [...]

Swedish Study Shows Carpet is Better for Your Feet Let’s look at one obvious benefit of carpet – it feels better on our feet. A recent study from Sweden indicates the ergonomic benefits of carpet are significant. We’ve always known it: carpet is better for our feet, ankles, knees, and back. The Swedish study was initiated by the Swedish Work Environment Authority (SWEA). It concludes that carpet in the workplace is better for feet and helps prevent injuries more than hard floor coverings. The st [...]