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The Benefits of Carpet for Seniors

The Benefits of Carpet for Seniors



There’s plenty of information on the benefits of carpet for seniors (and everyone else) here on the CRI website, but here are a few highlights of how and why carpet is the best flooring option for senior citizens:


Safety is the number one issue for older individuals who need a floor covering that will lower the risk of “slip and fall” accidents. Carpeted surfaces are significantly more effective at preventing slips and falls than hard, smooth surfaces.

For those individuals who use braces, canes or walkers, maintaining balance can be less difficult with low-pile carpet combined with an extra firm cushion. CRI also recommends securely fastening carpet and rugs to provide firmer footing.

Healing colors

Studies have shown that color has psychological effects on moods. Colors like blues, greens, teal, mauve, coral, peach and warm neutrals should be chosen for their soothing effects.

Color plays a significant role with Alzheimer’s patients as well. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, patients remember colors better than numbers; therefore, color in carpet can provide a memory link and better help to orient a person to a specific room or area.

Noise reduction

Unwanted noise can sometimes challenge seniors, who appreciate their independence and may not be used to the noise levels created by visiting family members. Carpet with an attached or separate cushion is the most effective way to control noise and minimize sound indoors.

Comfort and warmth

The surface temperature of carpet is substantially higher than that of hard surfaces due to pile construction, which acts as an efficient thermal insulator. This is a huge plus for seniors whose ankles and feet are affected by temperature changes.

Safety underfoot is a vital necessity for everyone, and especially for senior citizens. I hope you will consider carpet as the best option.