United Way Sacramento Gets a Bright & Inspiring Makeover with Carpet

United Way Sacramento Gets a Bright & Inspiring Makeover with Carpet

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By incorporating functional, but playful elements like pennants, felt signboards and bright yellow chairs, the room became a light space filled with reminders of why everyone who passed through the door was there – to bring “light and bright” to the community they serve. With The Carpet & Rug Institute donating the new carpet tiles in a textured light grey, the space went from a drab, cave-like environment to a place that felt large and limitless, like the Square One program goals.

Working with The Carpet & Rug Institute, the United Way team chose a light grey carpet as the foundation for their new, inspiring space. They liked that working with carpet gave them a ton of design flexibility and let them go light without fear of wear and tear or staining. With health as one of the foundations of their program, it was important to create an uplifting environment for their team and volunteers with a light workspace. This was made possible with the help of carpet that promotes indoor air quality by trapping harmful particles and helps keep the noise down in their busy areas.

The carpet also offers a safer space for their elderly volunteers. Polished floors in public spaces can be tricky for those with mobility issues, so the UW team was confident that carpet was a great choice.  California is known for its environmental progressiveness and almost all carpet, including the carpet tile installed in this space, is certified as Green Label Plus. This designation ensures the carpet is among the lowest-emitting products on the market.

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