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Stylish comfortable carpet for families

Spruce Up Your Child’s Room for Back to School This post is part the #BeautyofCarpet campaign. Read the full post at Chambray Bunny. Throughout this past year and beyond, I’ve realized that our home and its atmosphere are so important for our well-being. With stay-at-home recommendations, it’s ultra necessary to feel safe, comfortable, and happy in your own home! A sanctuary, you might call it. After the start of fostering our two sweet daughters and getting to know them more, we wanted to updat [...]

Setting Up A Back-to-School Workstation This post from Homemade by Carmona is part of the #BeautyofCarpet campaign. Read the full post. It is especially important after a year with so many schools going virtual due to the effects of COVID. We saw how vital it was that our kids have a quiet, organized, and comfortable workstation where they could do homework and be creative. Today, I’m partnering with The Carpet & Rug Institute to bring you my 5 top things to consider when setting up a workst [...]

How to Make a Comfortable Reading Spot for Kids This post is part of the Beauty of Carpet campaign from May 2019. Read this full post at What Moms Love. Work with your kids to create a special reading spot where they can go to get comfortable and curl up with their reading material. This could be a cozy corner of their bedroom filled with pillows, or a secret hideout “fort." Wherever it may be, just make sure it’s somewhere that’s really inviting – if they’re on the floor, having carpet or a [...]

Carpet: Environmentally-friendly Flooring for Homes This post is part of the Beauty of Carpet campaign from April 2019. Read this full post at House of Hood. The fact that carpet is an earth-friendly option might not even cross your mind when deciding on your flooring. Carpet works the best for us in our home with young children and pets. It is easiest to keep clean and looking clean.  The hardwood floors we have downstairs show dirt and dust so quickly after cleaning them! The girls are always [...]

How to Style a Room with Carpet as the Foundation This post was originally posted on Chris Loves Julia as a part of the #BeautyofCarpet campaign. We know all about carpet! In fact, when we renovated our downstairs 3 years ago, we installed wall-to-wall carpet with a small-checked pattern throughout the whole space. And honestly–we couldn’t love it more! It’s warm and comfortable and helps dampen the sound of toys and the patter of little feet. Carpet also improves indoor air quality by removing [...]

How to Host a Romantic and Family-friendly Party (and Why Carpet Works for It) This post is part of the Carpet and Rug Institute's blogger campaign focused on the benefits of carpet. Read the full post at How to Host a Romantic and Family Friendly Mardi Gras Inspired Vacation. One of my favorite ways to vacation is to explore history and the best way to do that is by staying in a historic hotel. From Bed & Breakfasts to midcentury modern inns, historic hotels are all the rage and I love [...]

The Gift of Cozy This post was a part of the Beauty of Carpet campaign in December 2018. Read the full post. At the top of the stairs, around the corner and through the door, at the end of the hallway is the coziest room in our house. The room that makes you sigh after a long winter’s day. The room that makes your heart snuggle. The room that makes you want to kick off your shoes and wrap your toes around the carpet and pull up a furry blanket and pour a cup of hot tea and rest your weary s [...]

CRI President Joe Yarbrough Talks Annual Meeting, Goals for 2015 on FloorDaily The Carpet and Rug Institute’s 2014 Annual Meeting was Joe Yarbrough’s first as president of the trade association and afterward, he spoke with Kemp Harr of about the meeting and some goals CRI has for 2015. Yarbrough spoke about the different goals of CRI and how one of the main goals is to make sure the consumer is well informed about the benefits of carpet. “Soft-floor covering is a very viable econo [...]

Carpet and Capitol Hill: What the Mid-term Elections Mean for the Carpet Industry’s Kemp Harr recently discussed the new political landscape in Washington with Tracy Hammond, Senior Policy Advisor at Polsinelli. Tracy and Polsinelli have worked with the Carpet and Rug Institute’s lobbying efforts for a number of years. The 2014 mid-term elections saw a dramatic shift with the Republican Party taking a majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives. This has major ramific [...]