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Why Carpet is the Superior Choice for Indoor Air Quality

Why Carpet is the Superior Choice for Indoor Air Quality


It seems that certain urban legends never go away. The one about hard surface floors being more hypoallergenic than carpeted flooring is a case in point.

There have been dozens of studies performed over the past decade that debunk this myth and that show that carpeted flooring is a better option in terms of hypoallergenic – i.e. not likely to produce an allergic reaction – qualities than hard surface floors.

Of particular note is a comprehensive literature search conducted by Dr. Mitch Sauerhoff in which he looked at all of the available studies – throughout the entire world – of the relationship of carpet to asthma, allergies, and hospital visits. He uncovered 25 such studies, and each one came to the same conclusion. That conclusion was that if you have asthma or allergies, you are better off at home, at school, and at work in a carpeted environment.

The facts are that not only does carpet add warmth and comfort to any room, but it also helps keep the air free of allergens and pollutants when properly vacuumed and maintained.

This is partly, of course, because carpet acts like a filter that keeps particulates low. As a consequence, we need to clean the “filter” on a regular basis. The best way to do that is to clean it with a Seal of Approval recommended vacuum cleaner, which has been certified to remove dust, dirt, and particulates from the carpet and to retain them within the canister.