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The Gift of Cozy

The Gift of Cozy



This post was a part of the Beauty of Carpet campaign in December 2018. Read the full post.

At the top of the stairs, around the corner and through the door, at the end of the hallway is the coziest room in our house. The room that makes you sigh after a long winter’s day. The room that makes your heart snuggle.

The room that makes you want to kick off your shoes and wrap your toes around the carpet and pull up a furry blanket and pour a cup of hot tea and rest your weary self.

The room that makes all the troubles of the world melt away. This bedroom. The rest of the house has hardwood floors. And I love hardwoods, truly.But in my cozy room? On a cold winter’s morning?

When my toes are chilly and my feet are freezing and I’m tip-toeing to turn on Christmas lights and I don’t want to make a sound?

And at the end of the day? When the lights are low. When I’m putting on yoga pants and a messy bun and popping popcorn. When the Christmas lights are twinkling and my feet want to snuggle.

Carpet is best.


If you are looking to add a little cozy to your space, here are some of my best tips:


Or two. Or four. Drape them over chairs. And beds. And benches.


The key to cozy is adding texture to your space. Faux fur pillows on the bed. Down tufted benches in your space. Chunky knitted throws for your space. Cozy is a feel and a feeling. That way they are within arms reach at a moment’s notice.


Well-rounded cozy is best–especially when you appeal to all the senses. Bring in fresh evergreens. Snuggle up with hot chocolate and marshmallows and cookies. Tuck in a down throw. Listen to the sounds of your favorite Christmas carol. Watch the lights twinkle on the tree.


Nothing says cozy in a space like carpet. Whether Berber or Frieze or Plush or Shag—the key to cozy in a space is wrapping your feet in warmth and comfort.

And the best part?

In addition to being beautiful and cozy, carpet can also improve indoor air quality—making it a good choice or everyone including people with asthma and allergies.

So if you want a room that makes you sigh after a long winter’s day or makes your heart snuggle or makes you want to kick off your shoes and have the troubles of the world melt away add a little carpet. And let your weary room rejoice.