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The Benefits of CRI Membership

The Benefits of CRI Membership



Who hasn’t heard that famous American Express slogan: “Membership has its privileges”?

At the Carpet and Rug Institute, membership certainly does have its privileges.

CRI membership provides a full list of benefits, but the most important one is our role of being a source of credible information about the carpet industry. Much of that is available for all to see, as a plethora of information about carpet and rugs can be found on our extensive website.

But for our members alone, the carpet and rug manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and support services associates, there is a wide range of benefits ranging from networking opportunities within our membership to having access to the latest statistics that provide them with a barometer on the current state of the industry.

Our membership brochure outlines the core benefits our members have access to.

Listed below are just a few:

· The opportunity for networking within the industry and with industry allies

· Extensive technical coordination and information about changes in regulatory requirements

· Technical resources to help your company face the challenges of an ever-changing environment

· Member rates for Green Label Plus and Seal of Approval testing

· Unified communication on behalf of the industry about the benefits of carpet and rugs

· Access to statistical reporting

As you can see, at CRI, membership does have its privileges. And we are grateful to all of our members for allowing us to continue to serve them in a myriad of ways.