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Bedroom Refresh for Spring on a Budget

Bedroom Refresh for Spring on a Budget

Refreshing Your Child’s Bedroom for Spring on a Budget

This post from Modern Day Moguls is part of the 2021 Beauty of Carpet Spring campaign.

Springtime is the time for new beginnings as well as room refreshes! This go-around we are working on my youngest daughter’s room. She would describe her current room as “not my style” or “too mom-ish.” She says these like it’s a bad thing. A few years ago we ended up ditching our guest bedroom for my office and in turn, made her room suitable for guests.

When doing a room refresh, especially for those with finicky taste, I like to keep things as simple and budget-friendly as possible. Keeping with the same furniture and floor coverings really helps make this possible. Also, letting little ones feel like they are part of the process helps so much.

  • There is a preconceived notion that carpet is too vanilla but there are so many styles, colors, and patterns available that there is literally something for everyone. A soft, warm cushion underneath little feet in the morning is always in style. If you want to spice it up a bit, I love adding a throw rug to the top of a carpet for a bit of color without a huge expense.
  • When the girls get going and bouncing off the walls it really helps dampen the sound of gymnastics tumbles while keeping them safe from slips and falls.
  • After doing a bit of research on Carpet & Rug Institute, turns out new carpet is the lowest VOC-emitting flooring choice available. CRI’s Green Label Plus program is a third-party certification that demonstrates which products are among the lowest emitting carpet, adhesive, and cushion products on the market. The vast majority of carpet sold in the US is certified Green Label Plus. It acts as a passive air filter, trapping dust, pollen, and particles- which removes them from the breathing zone. Which is so important in our littles’ spaces.
  • Since our air quality is so bad outside right now, we are always trying to improve indoor air quality and carpet supports healthier spaces – including people with asthma and allergies. I am forever trying to figure out ways to help my girls keep their rooms clean and manageable and carpet really helps keep the dust down. Updated asthma/allergy guidelines from the National Institute of Health’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) do not include recommendations to remove carpet as a way to treat asthma and allergies

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