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Simple Tips for Turning a Room into a Classroom

Simple Tips for Turning a Room into a Classroom

Simple Tips for Turning a Room into a Classroom

This blog post is part of the Beauty of Carpet campaign from Thistlewood Farms.

We just found out that our local schools are starting out online.

Right now, for the first three weeks, online learning is the current education situation.

My online learners are teenagers in high school, but my sister-in-law has three littles and one kind of not-so-little-any-more student that live at her house.

We’ve all been living footloose and fancy-free with our summer vacation, but school starts in a week here in Texas.

Just between us?

I’m an amazing aunt and Westleigh is an amazing cousin and we wanted to start their online school year off right, so we went shopping and surprised them with new school supplies.

And helped them get the room ready for online school and whatever the rest of 2020 holds.

If you need help creating a space for online learning?

Here are some simple tips for turning a room into a classroom.


We made sure that the room is light and bright and airy with warm and cozy carpeting on the floor. The carpet provides a soft cushion for little feet and helps reduce noise in the learning environment.

Carpet also helps improve air quality in the space and it’s so easy to keep clean for students with asthma and allergies.

Students can also spread out on the floor because there’s a cozy surface to read or work on, too.

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