New NHLBI Guidelines for Asthma and Allergies: What They Mean for You

New NHLBI Guidelines for Asthma and Allergies: What They Mean for You

In December 2020, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, an organization under the National Institutes of Health, released new guidelines for the treatment of asthma and allergies. The guidelines are comprehensive in their content and are used by numerous organizations in government and the medical community.

For CRI, the updated guidance is neutral concerning carpet removal and does not include any recommendations regarding removing carpet as a way to treat asthma and allergies. 

“The process to update these guidelines has been a long-term project, but represents a positive development for our industry,” CRI President Joe Yarbrough said. “We’re glad to see these findings published that recognize the most up-to-date science on carpet and indoor air quality.”

The Carpet and Rug Institute has long held that carpet is the best flooring for improving indoor air quality in homes, commercial spaces, and all other indoor areas.

Our research has consistently shown how carpet keeps allergens, dirt, and debris out of the breathing zone. By trapping these particles in the fiber, carpet acts as a passive filter until the particulate can be removed through regular cleaning.

It is simple science: Carpet improves air quality by trapping particles, dirt, and debris in carpet which keeps them out of the air you breathe. Regular cleaning then removes the particles for good.

The EPA highlights how most people spend a major amount of time indoors making the air quality of these environments paramount. By using carpet, consumers can create a space with positive indoor air quality and breathe easier.

Learn more about carpet and indoor air quality.

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