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Keep Carpet Beautiful Through the Holidays

Keep Carpet Beautiful Through the Holidays

From digging out ground-in candy corn to sopping up soda spills, there is a right and a wrong way to remove carpet stains.

Because we always want to be ready with the best carpet-cleaning info, the Carpet and Rug Institute is releasing its sixth feature story, Caramel to Cranberries: Holiday Stain-Busting Tips Keep Carpets Bright.

Following these tips will keep your carpet looking great through the holidays and beyond.

When it comes to spots and stains:​

• Do not over-saturate the stain with cleaning products. This just makes a small spot larger.

• Do not rub the carpet. This can cause damage to the texture of the carpet.

• Do not put water on a dry soil. Rather, make sure to vacuum it first.

When fighting the inevitable drips and dribbles of entertaining at home, there are a few general best practices for treating carpet stains.

  1. First, remove as much stain material as possible. If it is dry, vacuum up as much as you can. If it is semi-solid, scrape or scoop it up with a spoon or dull knife. If it is liquid, blot it up.
  2. Next, blot the stain with cool water, and then blot dry.
  3. Make foam using a mixture of 1/4 teaspoon liquid dishwashing soap in a cup of tepid water. Be sure to always test any cleaning agents in an inconspicuous area of the carpet first to ensure there is no adverse reaction with the flooring. If not, apply the foam with a sponge or soft brush to the stained area in a wiping motion going toward the center of the spot. If you start in the center with circular motions, the stain will spread.
  4. Finally, blot with cool water, then blot dry.

From candy canes to fudge to grandma’s famous yams, most stains can be cleaned using these techniques. For additional stain removal information, Lichtenstein recommends visiting the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Residential Spot Solver on the CRI website, or choosing a spot remover from the CRI list of tested and certified products.

Keeping carpet clean through vacuuming is essential to battle the extra foot traffic that comes with entertaining during the holiday season.

As people come and go during your holidays, you’ll likely notice extra soil on carpets and other flooring. There’s no need to panic that your carpet investment is compromised. Simply vacuum regularly with a quality vacuum that has received the CRI Seal of Approval, which means it’s been tested thoroughly for soil removal, filtering and the ability to maintain the texture and appearance of carpet.

From everyone at CRI, we hope you have a happy holiday season!