How to Style a Room with Carpet as the Foundation

How to Style a Room with Carpet as the Foundation

This post was originally posted on Chris Loves Julia as a part of the #BeautyofCarpet campaign.

We know all about carpet! In fact, when we renovated our downstairs 3 years ago, we installed wall-to-wall carpet with a small-checked pattern throughout the whole space. And honestly–we couldn’t love it more! It’s warm and comfortable and helps dampen the sound of toys and the patter of little feet. Carpet also improves indoor air quality by removing allergens from the air, making it a great choice for everyone, including people with asthma and allergies.

Our family room is a long room with multiple zones–piano, television, toy storage, fireplace, craft table. We layered an area rug under the craft table to define that area. The carpet down here is soft underfoot, with a minimalistic look that we love. In a space with so much action, it’s nice that the flooring doesn’t need any additional help to make it a safe and soft place for our kids to play and for us to be as a family, without additional eye clutter.

Hold paint swatches up to your floor before swatching them on your wall so you can be sure the undertones coordinate. You may be surprised to find suddenly your beige carpet is looking pink next to that green paint color. Going deeper with your paint color or adjusting the tone for something a little more muted on your paint chip will ensure that everything looks harmonious as your room comes together.

We would choose carpet again and again for our downstairs for all the reasons I mentioned–it’s cozy, quiet, comfortable, safe, helps creates a serene bright space, it even–but I also love it because it blends in.