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How to Make a Comfortable Reading Spot for Kids

How to Make a Comfortable Reading Spot for Kids

This post is part of the Beauty of Carpet campaign from May 2019. Read this full post at What Moms Love.

Work with your kids to create a special reading spot where they can go to get comfortable and curl up with their reading material. This could be a cozy corner of their bedroom filled with pillows, or a secret hideout “fort.”

Wherever it may be, just make sure it’s somewhere that’s really inviting – if they’re on the floor, having carpet or a rug can give them that warmth and comfort they need to stick it out for the long‐haul. Carpet will also help absorb sounds from surrounding distractions like TVs and music players.

We know that carpet not only provides a unique look for a room (there are infinite numbers of color, styles, and patterns to choose from), but it can also improve the indoor air quality. New carpet is one of the lowest VOC‐emitting flooring choices available, and it acts as a passive air filter, trapping dust, pollen, and particles and removing them from the breathing zone. Your kids can breathe easy and really dig into their reading.