How to Design a Multigenerational Space with Carpet

How to Design a Multigenerational Space with Carpet

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How to Design a Multigenerational Space with Carpet

Design Inspired by Heritage and Family

This post from Black Southern Belle is part of the 2021 Beauty of Carpet Spring campaign.

My husband and I both work from home and have been fortunate to spend time with my parents and with their grandchildren. Our weekdays are often spent at their home, and I’ve been looking to do something extra special for them. I decided to surprise my parents by transforming their upstairs suite into a multifunctional, multigenerational one inspired by our families Gullah Culture and Black Veterans; my dad is a Navy Veteran. 

Designing with Carpet

As a gift to my parents who have so generously been taking care of the kids last year and this year, I decided to update their guest suite for them to enjoy with the kids. I designed the suite from the floor up, and I turned to the Carpet and Rug Institute for tips and ideas. They offer great advice and expertise for using carpets in the home that allow you to appreciate and learn more about The Beauty of Carpet and be sure to look up the hashtag #beautyofcarpet on social media for more inspiration.  As for the beauty of carpet in my parent’s home, their suite has a cozy tan-colored carpet, ideal for our little ones to play around on and comfortable for my parents. Carpets improve air quality and help to reduce noise, which is useful in an older house.

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