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Getting Cozy for the Holidays with Carpet

Getting Cozy for the Holidays with Carpet

Getting Cozy for the Holidays with Carpet

This post is part of the 2019 Holiday Beauty of Carpet campaign. View the original post at Love Your Abode.

Our family room is the ultimate cozy space for cuddling, watching movies, playing games and just being together. The Christmas decorations and tree all add so much magic to the space and it is the perfect backdrop to making memories during this special time of year. 

When it comes to our family room, it’s ALL about cozy and warmth. I get cold easily and need lots of blankets and throws available. Textiles add in layers of warmth and style to any interior space. One of the main factors for warmth in our family room is having carpet and a rug. If you have carpet in the main living room, here are some ways I like to make it cozy and stylish. 

Having carpet in our family room keeps it feeling warm especially during the colder months. Adding a rug on top adds another layer of coziness. Rugs also help to anchor your furniture and creates an intimate area. 

Most people think that carpet acts as a trap for allergens but when dust settles onto it, your vacuum can easily pick it up. Improving the air quality in our house is pretty important especially since we have 3 young kids and many foster children coming and in and out of our home. Carpet can actually support healthier spaces including people with asthma and allergies. 

One of the advantages of having carpet is also noise reduction. It helps to reduce the noise of pitter patter of little feet and toys which is a constant in our home. CRI is a leader on carpets and carpet trends and they recommend regular vacuuming as well as having it professionally cleaned when necessary. Since we don’t wear shoes in our home, it’s another way our carpet stays relatively clean through all the natural wear and tear.

The Christmas decorations add to the coziness and we especially love the beautiful glow at night. Add in other textiles like pillows and throws for added texture and warmth. 

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