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Four Reasons to Attend a Carpet Cleaning Tradeshow

Four Reasons to Attend a Carpet Cleaning Tradeshow

There are a number of carpet cleaning tradeshows across the country each year and if you’re a carpet cleaning professional, it can be a huge bonus to your business to attend the shows.

If you have never made it to a carpet cleaning show and aren’t sure about attending, we have teamed up with Craig Kersemeier of K-Tech Kleening, a Seal of Approval-certified Service Provider, to bring you the top four reasons you should attend a cleaning tradeshow.

Here are Kersemeier’s top reasons for attending a show:


A major portion of cleaning shows are the different seminars and classes that are available for attendees.

“Each class covers multiple topics,”Kersemeier said. “You learn about the new, cutting-edge techniques and trends in cleaning.”

Kersemeier also mentioned that there is only so much education and learning that can happen online and that these classes offer an interactive, hands-on experience.


Another benefit of cleaning shows is the number of other cleaning professionals to network with.

“It is a very cordial environment at these shows,” he said. “It’s great to talk with fellow professionals and have an open exchange of ideas.”

New Cleaning Products

Many of the exhibitors at cleaning conventions are there to showcase the newest in cleaning equipment technology and this offers professional cleaners the opportunity to have a first-hand demonstration with the newest products and technology.

“There are so many manufacturers and distributors who want you to try their new products,” Kersemeier said. “It’s a showcase for them and they want to show how they compare with the competition.”

New Products for Business

Other exhibitors on the show floor include businesses with products to help you manage and advance your business. These include accounting and marketing software products that Kersemeier says can really help your business.

“It’s very similar to the exhibits of new cleaning products,” he said. “You have the chance to work with their products and see how they can help your business.”

Kersemeier adds that the shows are a great experience and, if you’re in the industry, it’s to your benefit to attend.

“There is such a comradery with cleaning pros because we’re all in this crazy business together,” he said. “The shows offer me the chance to catch up with friends and colleagues while learning about the newest things going on in the industry.”

Take it from a pro. If you’re a carpet cleaner looking to take your business to the next level, attending a carpet cleaning convention just might be for you.