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Carpet in Schools: Safer, Quieter, Easier to Clean

Carpet in Schools: Safer, Quieter, Easier to Clean

CRI has long espoused the benefits of carpet in schools. Many of the benefits in schools include noise reduction, fewer slip and fall injuries, and greater sound and energy insulation qualities. Plus, CRI research shows the cost to properly maintain carpet is less than for hard surface floors.

Carpet traps noise as it bounces around a room, allowing students to hear with more clarity. This also helps students concentrate and listen to instructions more closely, providing a more effective learning environment.

Safety is another benefit carpet brings to the learning environment. The traction carpet can provide greatly reduces the possibility of slips and falls in the school. Slips and falls on a carpeted surface will most likely be less painful than a fall on a hard surface.

Choosing carpet for schools also adds to the comfort of a learning environment. Carpet acts as an insulator, helping keep classrooms cozy on cold winter days. It also adds an aesthetic appeal. It creates a sense of “home,” helping students feel relaxed and welcome.