Carpet Recycling in California

Carpet Recycling in California


For nearly a decade, California’s carpet manufacturers, retailers, installers, and recyclers have worked tirelessly to divert used carpet away from California’s landfills.

California is a global leader in its environmental stewardship, pioneering bold programs to protect the planet.

For decades, the Golden State has spearheaded effective recycling programs for bottles, cans, paper, used oil, tires, batteries, mattresses, and carpet.

Since the inception of AB 2398, the carpet manufacturing industry’s stewardship program has given rise to a growing and diverse carpet recycling market that previously did not exist; creating jobs, diverting used carpet from landfills, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2017, the carpet stewardship program saw an increase
of 27% in the recycling rate over 2016.

Thanks to the California Carpet Stewardship Program, the carpet recycling infrastructure continues to increase with more drop-off sites and recyclers available throughout the state than ever before.

Today, there are more than 170 drop-off sites available to receive used carpet, decreasing the amount of carpet waste in California’s landfills. This network includes more than 55 public drop-off sites which accept used carpet free of charge.

In 2018, California collected more than 90 million pounds, of which almost 8 million pounds was collected at public drop-off sites funded through the Carpet Stewardship Program.

Through this program, more than $7 Million in grants and $45 Million in subsidies have been awarded to increase carpet recycling in the state.