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3 Tips to Refresh Your Living Room for Spring

3 Tips to Refresh Your Living Room for Spring

3 Tips to Refresh Your Living Room for Spring

This post from Love Your Abode is part of the 2021 Beauty of Carpet Spring campaign.

Now that Spring is here, I was itching to change up a few things in our living room. Naturally, our family room is the ultimate cozy space for hanging out, reading, and watching shows. I switched out a few things for the season and thought I’d share my 3 tips to refresh your living room for spring. 


A simple way to change the look and feel of your living room is by switching up the pillows. You don’t need to always buy new pillows since they can take up space. Just order new pillow covers and switch them out with the changing seasons. I stored away my darker Fall-colored pillow covers and added some white, blue, and pink pillows I had on hand. 

In our family room, I like to add things to help create a cozy and relaxing space. I get cold easily so we always have multiple pillows and blankets available. Textiles add layers of depth and warmth. One of the main ways we keep it feeling cozy is by having carpet and a rug on the floor. My husband loves nothing more than digging his feet into the carpet after a long day of work. I know. What a weirdo. ? 

Contrary to what you may think, carpet acts as a trap for allergens.  When dust settles onto it, your vacuum can easily pick it up. Improving the air quality in our house is pretty important especially since we have 3 kids and we all suffer from seasonal allergies. Carpet can actually support healthier spaces including people with asthma and allergies. 

CRI is a leader on carpets and carpet trends and they recommend regular vacuuming as well as having it professionally cleaned when necessary. Since we don’t wear shoes in our home, it’s another way our carpet stays fairly clean through all the natural wear and tear. By improving indoor air quality, carpet supports healthier spaces for living, working, and learning for everyone. 

The updated asthma/allergy guidelines from the National Institute of Health’s National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute do not include recommendations to remove carpet as a way to treat asthma and allergies. 

The fresh pillows add brightness to the space and are perfect for Spring don’t you think? You can even layer a pretty throw against the couch for some added color as I did here. 

Adding a rug on top adds another layer of coziness. Rugs also help to anchor your furniture and create an intimate area.  Our neutral rug works for every season. Having both carpet and rug help with noise reduction and provides ample cushion underfoot. 


A great way to add some Spring accents is by changing up your mantel. I added pretty colors through artwork, vintage frames and some faux greenery.


There’s nothing like adding real plants to your home. Real plants are in every space of our home and taking care of them is such a joy! If you have a black thumb, try growing pothos or a snake plant. They are low maintenance and actually quite difficult to kill! 

Plants help with air quality and they add color and life to any space. I can’t decorate without them!

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