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Tennant V-DMU-14

Tennant V-DMU-14

Model Number: 108027


Certification Information

Certification: Commercial
Certification Rating: Gold
Expiration: 12/31/2024
Energy Efficient Rated: No
Setting: Highest (only 1 setting)
Power Source: Corded

Company Information

Tennant Company
12875 Ransom Street
United States
Phone: (763) 513-2219

Product Specifications

Collection Type: Disposable
Bristle Type: Polyamide (Nylon)
Brush Roll Shutoff: No
HEPA Filtration: Yes
Number of Speeds: 1
Weight (lbs.): 24.2
Cord Length: 50

Additional Information

Automatic self-adjusting height levels. Reduce operating costs up to 58 percent while you clean a variety of floor surfaces with this versatile dual motor upright vacuum. Clean either hard or soft surfaces with the flip of a switch and detail hard-to-reach areas easily using onboard tools. Maintain indoor air quality with HEPA filtration. Find additional savings in no-tool maintenance features and reliable components, including a lifetime belt warranty.