CVD 30/1 Deluxe Single Motor Upright

CVD 30/1 Deluxe Single Motor Upright

Model Number: CVD 30/1 (91430)


Certification Information

Certification: Commercial
Certification Rating: Gold
Expiration: 03/31/2024
Energy Efficient Rated: No
Power Source: Corded

Company Information

Tornado - Div. of Tacony Corporation
1760 Gilsinn Ln
United States
Phone: (636) 349-3000

Product Specifications

Collection Type: Disposable
Bristle Type: Polyamide (Nylon)
Brush Roll Shutoff: No
HEPA Filtration: Yes
Number of Speeds: 1
Number of Height Levels: 16
Weight (lbs.): 17.4
Cord Length: 40

Additional Information

Rugged design and construction yet easy to use. Certified HEPA filtration, toolless brushroll access, pigtail cord design, on-board tools, adjustable handle height and easy bag access.