Tennant 6-Qt Backpack

Tennant 6-Qt Backpack

Model Number: V-BP-6


Certification Information

Certification: Commercial
Certification Rating: Gold
Expiration: 12/31/2023
Energy Efficient Rated: No
Attachment: Floor brush (58") with raised notch on top side
Power Source: Corded

Company Information

Tennant Company
12875 Ransom Street
United States
Phone: (763) 513-2219

Product Specifications

Collection Type: Disposable
Bristle Type: Polyamide (Nylon)
Brush Roll Shutoff: No
HEPA Filtration: Yes
Number of Speeds: 1
Weight (lbs.): 13
Cord Length: 50

Additional Information

8.5 amp motor with thermal motor protection. 4-stage Clean Air technology with HEPA media filter and 110 CFM. Padded, adjustable straps. Includes 58-inch wand and 7 full-size tools.