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milliCare Hot Water Extraction Cleaning System

Company Information

milliCare Floor & Textile Care
Phone: (888) 886-2273

Additional Information

The first step is to pre-vacuum with the Windsor Versamatic vacuum cleaner 4 passes a 1.8ft/sec. The second step is to pre-spray with milliCare V4 Pre-Mist at a rate of 1gal per 200 sq ft). The third step is to agitate the milliCare V4 Pre-mist into the carpet with the milliCare 2000 scrubber, 2 passes at 1.8 ft per sec. Use appropriate brushes on the scrubber suited to the construction and grade of the carpet. Allow 10 minute dwell time. Hot water extract the carpet using the Windsor Clipper extractor using 2 wet passes and one dry at 1.0 ft per sec with hot water only in the tank.