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Zerorez® Cleaning System

Company Information

Pleasant Grove,
Phone: (866) 937-6739

Additional Information

Zerorez employs a patented and highly proprietary, truck-mounted green cleaning technology and system. The basic Zerorez system uses Electrolyzed "B" Water (brand name is Zr Water®.) Zr Water is a superior cleaning fluid that is green, non-toxic, healthy and delivers a superior cleaning result without soaps, shampoos, detergents or toxic chemicals. The Zerorez truck mount system applies Zr Synthetic Pretreat™ at a rate of 1 gl/300 sq ft followed by agitation with the Zr Lifter® (CRB Machine). Dwell time: 5 minutes. Then, using Zerorez patented wand system, go over the pre-treated area with 2 wet passes & 2 dry passes in a block pattern at a rate of 1ft/sec.