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Foaming Floors Fast Foamer

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Foaming Floors
Phone: (614) 403-4188

Additional Information

1. First Vacuum with a CRI approved vacuum cleaner, 3 passes @ one foot per second.
2. Pre-spray the carpet with High Energy Foam cleaner using 12 oz per gallon dilution ration, use the Fast Foamer with grey brushes and apply the pre-spray by making 2 passes @ one ft per second rate.
3. Allow to dwell for 15 minutes.
4. Make 2 passes using the Fast Foamer without renovator trays use grey brushes with the foam turned on @ a 1 ft per second rate, then attach renovator trays and make 3 more passes with foam turned off (NO foam) @ a foot per second rate.
5. Groom the carpet with supplied grooming pads.
6. Allow carpet to totally dry, then vacuum the carpet with a CRI approved vacuum cleaner, make 2 passes @ one foot per second rate.