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Interface European Manufacturing B.V.

Category: 14X Pre-dyed Nylon with Amorphous Resin Backing

Modular Tile

Company Information

Interface European Manufacturing B.V.
Industrielaan 15, 3925 BD, Scherpenzeel
Phone: +0031(0)33 277 5555

Certification Information

Certification: GLP100209
Expiration: 6/30/2025
Private Office Range of Total VOCs: 0.5 mg/m³ or less
School Classroom Range of Totals VOCs: 0.5 mg/m³ or less
Urban Retreat 101, Urban Retreat 102, Urban Retreat 103, Urban Retreat 202, Urban Retreat 301, Urban Retreat 303, Urban Retreat 501, Net Effect - B601, Net Effect - B602, Net Effect - B603, Near and Far 400, Near and Far 401, OFF LINE, ON LINE, Equal Measure 551, Equal Measure 552, Equal Measure 553, World Woven 860, World Woven 865, World Woven 870, World Woven 880, World Woven 890, World Woven 895, Look Both Ways - STEP ASIDE, Look Both Ways - STEPTHIS WAY, Look Both Ways - STEP IN TIME, Look Both Ways - STEP IT UP, Works – Balance, Works – Dash, Works – Flow, Works – Fluid, Works – Freestyle, Works – Geometry, Works Hype,Visual Code – HAPTIC, Visual Code – DARNING, Visual Code – DECIBEL, Visual Code - HARD DRIVE, Visual Code - STATIC LINES, Visual Code - CIRCUIT BOARD, Visual Code - STITCH COUNT, Visual Code - PLAIN STITCH, Visual Code – STITCHERY, Visual Code – OVEREDGE, Human Connections – FLAGSTONE, Human Connections - SETT IN STONE, Human Connections – KERBSTONE, Human Connections – MOSS, Human Connections - MOSS IN STONE, Human Connections - PAVER, Human Connections - RUE, Human Connections - STONE COURSE, Human Nature 810, Human Nature 820, Human Nature 830, Human Nature 840, Human Nature 850, Composure, Composure Edge, Contemplation, Duet, Transformation, Equilibrium, Ice Breaker, Current, Dolomite, Elevation III, Embodied Beauty Geisha Gather, Embodied Beauty Sashiko Stitch, Embodied Beauty Simple Sash, Embodied Beauty Sishu Stitch, Embodied Beauty Tokyo Texture, Embodied Beauty Vintage Kimono, Embodied Beauty Zen Stitch, Employ Dimensions, Employ Lines, Employ Loop, Heuga 727 (SD), Monochrome, New Horizons II, Ny-Lon Streets Collection - Broome Street, Ny-Lon Streets Collection - Dover Street, Ny-Lon Streets Collection - Mercer Street, Ny-Lon Streets Collection - Old Street, Ny-Lon Streets Collection - Reade Street, Ny-Lon Streets Collection - Wheler Street, Output Lines, Output Loop, Output Micro, Series 1. Textured, The Scandinavian Collection, Yuton 104, Yuton 105, Yuton 106, Flash Line and Straightforward II, Barricade I, Barricade II, Conscient, Touch of Timber, Heuga 725, Unity, WG100, WG200, Portmanteau,Sampa, LC02,RMS607, City of Angels, Hip Over History M0939, LC05, Head Over Heals, A Cut Above M0833, Mod Cafe, Collins Cottage, Hydropolis, Recreation, Open Air 401, Open Air 402, Open Air 403, Open Air 403 Accent, Open Air 403 Transition, Open Air 404, Open Air 404 Accent, Open Air 404 Transition, Open Air 405, Employ Constant, Works Sense, Works Effect, Works Element, CE100, CE200, Upon Common Ground - Dry Bark, Upon Common Ground - Escarpment, Upon Common Ground -Sandbank, Upon Common Ground - Shallow, Upon Common Ground - Undulating Water, Past Forward - Archival, Past Forward - Decades, Past Forward - Fortnight, Past Forward - Unwound, Past Forward - Unspooled, Past Forward - Newstalgia, Past Forward - Cheshire Street, Past Forward - Rekindled, Past Forward - Circa Then, Past Forward - Retrospec, Past Forward - Arley, Past Forward - Yesterdays, Past Forward - Antiquities, Past Forward - Reeling, E610, E611, E612, E613, E614, E615, and E616.