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Roberts Consolidated

Category: A-1 Latex Multi-Purpose Floor Adhesive

Single Part Wet Adhesive

Company Information

Roberts Consolidated
A Div. of Q.E.P. Company
300 Cross Plains Blvd
United States
Phone: (866) 435-8665

Certification Information

Certification: GLP36471
Expiration: 9/30/2024
Adhesive Applied in Mass Per Surface Area: 14.84 g of product per 0.0361 m²
Private Office Range of Total VOCs: 0.5 mg/m³ or less
School Classroom Range of Totals VOCs: 0.5 mg/m³ or less
Roberts 2001, Roberts 2057, Roberts 2072, Roberts 2MX5, Roberts 3000, Roberts 3085, Roberts 3095, Roberts 3200, Roberts 3300, Roberts 3300I, Roberts 3500, Roberts 3900, Roberts 4002, Roberts 6700, Roberts 7250, Roberts R3080, Roberts R3090, Roberts R6000, Roberts R7050, Roberts 1938, Roberts 2980, Roberts 3087 Multi-Purpose Carpet Adhesive