Taski Ergo Disc w/Foam Generator Taski TR-101

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Fort Mill,
Phone: (800) 558-2332

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Using the TASKI Ergo Disc 200 unit with a Foam Generator attachment and a use solution of Taski TR-101 carpet shampoo. The first step is to pre-vacuum carpet with Windsor Versamatic Vacuum Cleaner 2 passes at 1.8ft/sec..The second step is to prepare a solution of Taski TR-101 at 1 part solution and 13 parts tap water (10 oz per gallon) and fill solution into Foam Generator attachment on carpet cleaning unit. The third step is to set the Foam Generator setting to "3" for 10 seconds and allow foam to dispense through soft fiber nylon carpet brush. The fourth step is to clean the carpet with the foam and soft bristle nylon brush attached the Taski Ergo Disc 200 unit for 2 passes at 1 ft/sec and 2 passes 1ft/sec with the foam off, by turning off foam generator and simply using the soft bristle brush under the swing machine. The forth step is to vacuum after a 30 minute dwell time with the Windsor Versamatic vacuum cleaner 2 passes at ½ ft/sec. Prior to testing the Ergo Disc, the 10 lb weight was removed from the machine.