Sears Peak with 6 Jet Wand

Company Information

Sears Carpet and Upholstery Care
Lewis Center,
Phone: 866-389-4568

Additional Information

Using the Sears 3 step cleaning process, the first step is vacuum using the Sears Progressive upright vacuum cleaner 4 passes at 1.8ft/sec on each pass. The second step is to pre-spray with Sears UltraCare Traffic Lane Cleaner 6oz/gl water. Apply at rate of 200 sq ft per diluted gallon of water. Agitate with a Gandigroom carpet rake. Dwell 15 minutes prior to cleaning. The final step is to hot water extract with Sears UltraCare Fiber Rinse using 2 wet extraction passes followed by 22 dry extraction passes at a rate of 1ft/sec on each pass.