How to Make a Comfortable Reading Spot for Kids

How to Make a Comfortable Reading Spot for Kids

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Work with your kids to create a special reading spot where they can go to get comfortable and curl up with their reading material. This could be a cozy corner of their bedroom filled with pillows, or a secret hideout “fort.”

Wherever it may be, just make sure it’s somewhere that’s really inviting – if they’re on the floor, having carpet or a rug can give them that warmth and comfort they need to stick it out for the long‐haul. Carpet will also help absorb sounds from surrounding distractions like TVs and music players.

We know that carpet not only provides a unique look for a room (there are infinite numbers of color, styles, and patterns to choose from), but it can also improve the indoor air quality. New carpet is one of the lowest VOC‐emitting flooring choices available, and it acts as a passive air filter, trapping dust, pollen, and particles and removing them from the breathing zone. Your kids can breathe easy and really dig into their reading.

Carpet: Environmentally-friendly Flooring for Homes

Carpet: Environmentally-friendly Flooring for Homes

This post is part of the Beauty of Carpet campaign from April 2019. Read this full post at House of Hood.

The fact that carpet is an earth-friendly option might not even cross your mind when deciding on your flooring. Carpet works the best for us in our home with young children and pets. It is easiest to keep clean and looking clean.  The hardwood floors we have downstairs show dirt and dust so quickly after cleaning them! The girls are always playing on the floor, so we like giving them a comfortable surface to play on. I’ve rounded up 4 reasons why carpet is a great, environmentally-friendly flooring option.  Keep reading below!

1. Carpet Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that carpet is one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds (VOC) among household building materials?  We try our best to purchase low VOC items especially with little ones in our home!  Most carpet meets the industry’s strict standards for VOCs, which you can find by looking for carpet in CRI’s Green Label Plus program.  Carpet also can act as an air filter by trapping dust particles, which removes them from the air.  This can help people greatly who suffer from asthma and allergies. 

2. Carpet Can Be Recycled

If you are remodeling your home and changing out your carpet, you might be able to recycle the old carpet!  Close to 5 billion pounds of carpet has been diverted from landfills and recycled since 2002.  Used carpet materials can actually be put back into carpet production.  It can also be turned into building materials and auto parts! 

If you aren’t quite ready for new carpet, you can look for the CRI Seal of Approval logo to identify products and equipment that will effectively clean your current carpet without causing damage.  The CRI Seal of Approval helps lengthen the life of carpet and in turn, lessens the time that carpet needs to be replaced.

3. Recycled Materials

More often, carpet is made of recycled materials like plastic bottles, glass, and fishing nets, keeping  this waste out of landfills and lessening the industry’s reliance on limited natural resources.  Carpet also can be made from renewable resources, like corn and soybeans.  McKinlee’s mattress was actually made from soybeans, and it was a great mattress! 

4. Sustainability and Resource Conservation

Today, carpet manufacturers have sustainability front of mind.  They are highly focused on resource conservation, such as reducing water and energy use.  Many carpet manufacturers work hard to create zero waste during the manufacturing process.

How to Style a Room with Carpet as the Foundation

How to Style a Room with Carpet as the Foundation

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We know all about carpet! In fact, when we renovated our downstairs 3 years ago, we installed wall-to-wall carpet with a small-checked pattern throughout the whole space. And honestly–we couldn’t love it more! It’s warm and comfortable and helps dampen the sound of toys and the patter of little feet. Carpet also improves indoor air quality by removing allergens from the air, making it a great choice for everyone, including people with asthma and allergies.

Our family room is a long room with multiple zones–piano, television, toy storage, fireplace, craft table. We layered an area rug under the craft table to define that area. The carpet down here is soft underfoot, with a minimalistic look that we love. In a space with so much action, it’s nice that the flooring doesn’t need any additional help to make it a safe and soft place for our kids to play and for us to be as a family, without additional eye clutter.

Hold paint swatches up to your floor before swatching them on your wall so you can be sure the undertones coordinate. You may be surprised to find suddenly your beige carpet is looking pink next to that green paint color. Going deeper with your paint color or adjusting the tone for something a little more muted on your paint chip will ensure that everything looks harmonious as your room comes together.

We would choose carpet again and again for our downstairs for all the reasons I mentioned–it’s cozy, quiet, comfortable, safe, helps creates a serene bright space, it even–but I also love it because it blends in.

How to Host a Romantic and Family-friendly Party (and Why Carpet Works for It)

How to Host a Romantic and Family-friendly Party (and Why Carpet Works for It)

This post is part of the Carpet and Rug Institute’s blogger campaign focused on the benefits of carpet. Read the full post at How to Host a Romantic and Family Friendly Mardi Gras Inspired Vacation.

One of my favorite ways to vacation is to explore history and the best way to do that is by staying in a historic hotel. From Bed & Breakfasts to midcentury modern inns, historic hotels are all the rage and I love staying in them.

Beauty and style – carpet provides a canvas for any room design. I adored the detailing of the woven carpet in this hotel. Love the historic, midcentury style of this room paired with classic carpet. 

Warmth and comfort – carpet keeps people/families cozy. Who doesn’t love snuggles with a baby on plush carpet?

Improved air quality – studies show that carpet actually captures allergens, improving indoor air quality. This is important for someone like me when traveling because my allergies are terrible.

Noise reduction – carpet helps keep a noisy room a little less noisy and blocks some of the noise of a busy toddler.

Safety – carpet helps reduce slips and falls and minimizes injuries. As a clumsy person, I have slipped myself a few times so carpet and rugs are a must. Not to mention carpet is the perfect playground for my active baby.

Carpet can be a great choice at home or in commercial settings. The Carpet and Rug Institute website offers more information about the beauty of carpet, as well as tips for choosing carpet and carpet maintenance. 

The Basics of Carpet Cleaning: Create a Vacuum Schedule

The Basics of Carpet Cleaning: Create a Vacuum Schedule

Carpet’s benefits are numerous for both homes and facilities. However, it’s imperative to properly maintain carpet to get the most out of these benefits.

Removing soil when it’s on the surface before it gets ingrained in the carpet fiber, is the first and most important step in carpet maintenance. Use slow, repetitive motions that overlap (about four swipes), ensuring you get right up to the edges where dust, pollen, and pet dander like to accumulate.

While vacuuming might be the most well-known way to clean carpet, knowing how often to vacuum is equally important. So, how often should you vacuum your home’s carpet?

Generally once a week with a CRI-certified vacuum is a good place to start, but depending on how frequently the area is used, you’ll likely want to do it more often. For example, high-traffic or pet areas should be vacuumed daily, medium-traffic areas require about twice a week and light-traffic areas can be done once a week. Just as you wouldn’t wear a shirt over and over again without washing it, you don’t want to go too long between vacuuming your carpets.

The Gift of Cozy

The Gift of Cozy

This post was a part of the Beauty of Carpet campaign in December 2018. Read the full post.

At the top of the stairs, around the corner and through the door, at the end of the hallway is the coziest room in our house. The room that makes you sigh after a long winter’s day. The room that makes your heart snuggle.

The room that makes you want to kick off your shoes and wrap your toes around the carpet and pull up a furry blanket and pour a cup of hot tea and rest your weary self.

The room that makes all the troubles of the world melt away. This bedroom. The rest of the house has hardwood floors. And I love hardwoods, truly.But in my cozy room? On a cold winter’s morning?

When my toes are chilly and my feet are freezing and I’m tip-toeing to turn on Christmas lights and I don’t want to make a sound?C

And at the end of the day? When the lights are low. When I’m putting on yoga pants and a messy bun and popping popcorn. When the Christmas lights are twinkling and my feet want to snuggle.

Carpet is best.


If you are looking to add a little cozy to your space here are some of my best tips:


Or two. Or four. Drape them over chairs. And beds. And benches.


The key to cozy is adding texture to your space. Faux fur pillows on the bed. Down tufted benches in your space. Chunky knitted throws for your space. Cozy is a feel and a feeling. That way they are within arms reach at a moment’s notice.


Well-rounded cozy is best–especially when you appeal to all the senses. Bring in fresh evergreens. Snuggle up with hot chocolate and marshmallows and cookies. Tuck in a down throw. Listen to the sounds of your favorite Christmas carol. Watch the lights twinkle on the tree.


Nothing says cozy in a space like carpet. Whether Berber or Frieze or Plush or Shag—the key to cozy in a space is wrapping your feet in warmth and comfort.

And the best part?

In addition to being beautiful and cozy, carpet can also improve indoor air quality—making it a good choice or everyone including people with asthma and allergies.

So if you want a room that makes you sigh after a long winter’s day or makes your heart snuggle or makes you want to kick off your shoes and have the troubles of the world melt away add a little carpet. And let your weary room rejoice.

United Way Sacramento Gets a Bright & Inspiring Makeover with Carpet

United Way Sacramento Gets a Bright & Inspiring Makeover with Carpet

This post is part of our 2018 Blogger campaign featuring Design Sponge and the United Way of Sacramento

By incorporating functional, but playful elements like pennants, felt signboards and bright yellow chairs, the room became a light space filled with reminders of why everyone who passed through the door was there – to bring “light and bright” to the community they serve. With The Carpet & Rug Institute donating the new carpet tiles in a textured light grey, the space went from a drab, cave-like environment to a place that felt large and limitless, like the Square One program goals.

Working with The Carpet & Rug Institute, the United Way team chose a light grey carpet as the foundation for their new, inspiring space. They liked that working with carpet gave them a ton of design flexibility and let them go light without fear of wear and tear or staining. With health as one of the foundations of their program, it was important to create an uplifting environment for their team and volunteers with a light workspace. This was made possible with the help of carpet that promotes indoor air quality by trapping harmful particles and helps keep the noise down in their busy areas.

The carpet also offers a safer space for their elderly volunteers. Polished floors in public spaces can be tricky for those with mobility issues, so the UW team was confident that carpet was a great choice.  California is known for its environmental progressiveness and almost all carpet, including the carpet tile installed in this space, is certified as Green Label Plus. This designation ensures the carpet is among the lowest-emitting products on the market.

Learn more about how carpet benefits your facilities.

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DIY Floor Pillows + Benefits of Carpet

DIY Floor Pillows + Benefits of Carpet

This post was a part of CRI’s Beauty of Carpet campaign in November 2017.

We love cuddling up on soft, warm carpet and enjoying family time together with these fun DIY floor pillows! Did you know carpet actually is GOOD for allergy sufferers? This came as news to me and I bet you’re surprised too. I’ll show you what I discovered when I teamed up with the Carpet &  Rug Institute.

If you or your children suffer from allergies or asthma you may be hesitant to cuddle up on the floor, but new research suggests your fears may be wrong! Studies show that properly cleaned carpet improves indoor air quality by reducing airborne allergens. Carpet acts as a filter, trapping allergens and keeping them out of the air we breathe.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Have Carpet in Your Home

Dog playing with toys

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Carpet in Your Home

This post was a part of CRI’s Beauty of Carpet campaign in November 2017.

Aside from adding style and comfort to our house, carpet has so many other purposes such as improving indoor air quality and even allergies! I always believed that hardwood floors and tile were better for those with seasonal allergies and with allergies to dust and pet dander, but I was so wrong! The Carpet and Rug Institute is working hard to educate people on the facts and I’m partnering with them to share with you 4 reasons why you should have carpet in your home!

One of my favorite things about our carpet is the comfort and warmth it brings to our home.  When you have a lot of hardwood floor and tile, your home can start to look very cold and uninviting.  With an addition of carpet, your room instantly has a softer, more inviting look!

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Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Read

Blue i Style Books at Kids Level

Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Read

This post was a part of CRI’s Beauty of Carpet campaign in November 2017.

I know that for some kids, books don’t hold the same appeal, and, for some, they may even be a source of frustration. After talking with friends and looking at what has been working well in our house, I’ve compiled some easy and fun tips to encourage young kids to love books, even before they can actually read the words on the pages! I am grateful to The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) for sponsoring this post. Like me, CRI is dedicated to helping families creating beautiful and safe spaces for living and learning.

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