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CRI Spot Solver: Remove Stains Quickly and Simply

CRI Spot Solver: Remove Stains Quickly and Simply

CRI is all about providing the best information on all things carpet to make is a benefit for your home or facility. The CRI Spot Solver is a free web tool with the information to help you get that pesky spot or stain out of your carpet.

Carpet cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining the appearance and longevity of carpet in your home or facility. Vacuuming and deep cleaning are the biggest aspects of carpet cleaning, but removing spots and stains on carpet when they happen is also highly important.

Spots and stains affect the look of carpet and can impact the life of the carpet as well, if not removed promptly and properly. While spots and stains can be intimidating, the Spot Solver makes removing them easy.

Search or scroll for the type of stain/spot you have, and the Spot Solver will provide a step-by-step guide to remove the specific problem.

Whether it’s lip gloss or floor wax, the CRI Spot Solver provides the help you need to remove spots and stains to keep your carpet looking beautiful and lasting for it’s intended life.

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