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The 2500 Year History of the Pazyryk Carpet Here is a look back at the history of carpet, but not just any history: Ancient History. Carpet has been around for centuries and the specific origin has never been verified, but it is known that the floor covering has been used in ancient times, including in the Persian and some Oriental cultures. The Pazyryk Carpet is the oldest known carpet on earth and it has been dated back to the 5th Century B.C. It was discovered in the tomb of a Scythian prince [...]

The Benefits of CRI Membership Who hasn’t heard that famous American Express slogan: “Membership has its privileges”? At the Carpet and Rug Institute, membership certainly does have its privileges. CRI membership provides a full list of benefits, but the most important one is our role of being a source of credible information about the carpet industry. Much of that is available for all to see, as a plethora of information about carpet and rugs can be found on our extensive website. But for our m [...]