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CRI 104/105 Now Include Videos and Spanish Translation The Carpet and Rug Institute recently added instructional videos to its CRI 104 and 105 Carpet Installation Standards along with a Spanish translation of the standards. In a statement, CRI President Joe Yarbrough expressed pride in the success of the standards and hopes the new additions will help the standards continue to be the best guide for installing carpet. “CRI and our members are very proud of the success of our installation standard [...]

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Home Carpet Installation Checklist Proper installation of carpet is vitally important to the life of your carpet. If carpet is not correctly installed, it can cause a number of issues that can affect the look and useful life of the carpet. 1.    Check for Carpet Recycling Options in Your Area Before getting your new carpet installed, you need to properly remove your old carpet. Many people recommend taking used carpet to the landfill, but this is not good for the environment. CARE (Carpet Americ [...]

CRI Unveils Important Changes to Installation Standards The Carpet and Rug Institute, the best source for science-based information about carpet, today announces important updates to the gold standard guidelines for commercial and residential carpet installation. Developed by a team of industry leaders, changes to CRI’s 104 and 105 carpet installation standards address industry innovations that require new approaches to carpet installation, particularly planning and subfloor preparation. “Over t [...]


Sustainable Carpet: Installation and Maintenance Millions of people go in and out of schools, hospitals, retail establishments and office buildings every single day, not realizing how environmentally-sustainable the floors they walk on have become. There’s little doubt these days that being green is increasingly expected. Businesses and consumers alike want to be good stewards of the environment, to conserve natural resources, to create more healthy indoor environments and to benefit from produc [...]

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Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home Have you shopped for new carpet lately? There are so many choices – finding the right one may seem tough. But one thing is certain: the right carpet choice can add a lot of personality to your home. There was a helpful article on choosing the right carpet on the cleaning website CleanLink. The article was written by Doug Berjer, product manager for carpet cleaning machinery manufacturer Tornado Industries. Here are some tips for choosing the best carpet fo [...]